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Adagio Sound Healing

Italian, from ad agio, ‘at ease’
noun, a movement or composition marked to be played slowly

We’re all familiar with how music can affect our moods and emotions. The right song can

induce feelings of joy or sadness, get us up and dancing or help us relax and fall asleep. The

notes that make up music are formed by instruments that create certain frequencies that

vibrate through the air and can even travel through water as well as our bodies. Exposing the body’s internal organs and brain to different musical and sound frequencies will encourage

them to heal from within. Sound therapy helps to raise the frequency of the human body,

promoting health, vitality and spiritual well-being.

Located in Milwaukee, WI

Adagio Sound Healing Studio is located in Milwaukee’s Merrill Park neighborhood 3 miles west of downtown and just off the I94 expressway near the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and 35th Street.

Free street parking is readily available most times.


One-On-One Sessions

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