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Sound Healing Therapy

Following a consultation and assessment, a protocol is developed for each individual targeting any specific needs or areas that require special attention. These may be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or all of the above. Each session will include guided meditation along with breathwork and relaxation techniques.


Short Individual Session

30 minutes ~ $30.00 USD

For first timers, this can serve as an overview of the various modalities and instruments used in sound therapy. This can include a drum wash, tingshas, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks and
various string instruments. For return clients, we’ll make the most of this short session by concentrating on areas that need immediate attention.

Long Individual Session

60 minutes ~ $60.00 USD

This longer session may include a drum wash, tuning fork “tune up,” monochord therapy and a personal sound bath using Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, chimes, gongs and various string instruments. If desired, additional Indigenous Filipino manual healing can be incorporated.

Group Sound Baths

Prices may vary ~ $50 and up

Prices vary depending on the length of session and size of group. This is
a sort of mini-concert in which all instruments may be used and several musicians may perform. This is great for corporate team building events, wedding showers, baby showers or any group that would like to share a relaxing, therapeutic and healing experience.

Note: The above prices are for incalls at the studio. Travel expenses will be added for outcalls. Pricing will be determined by distance travelled. Regardless of the length or type of session, my intention is that you will walk away feeling more relaxed, less stressed, more focused and at peace.

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