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Hello, I'm Bernard Runo, musician and Sound Healing Practitioner. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

I received my certification as Master Sound Practitioner from the Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine/School of Sound and Healing in Elm Grove, Wisconsin in March of 2022. I learned about sound therapy several years ago while attending a violin conference in Barcelona, Spain in 2016. A Spanish luthier was showcasing his hand crafted instruments and I noticed a strange instrument I had never seen before atop a massage table. It was a monochord, an instrument that dates back to ancient Greece. The luthier invited me to lie down on the table and placed the monochord on my back. As he began to strum the instrument, I immediately felt its vibrations throughout my body. I instinctively began to sing and harmonize with the instrument while other musicians in the room began to play around me. Its profound healing benefits were transformational for me and set me on this wonderful journey of sound healing.

Music has always been a part of my life. My grandmother played piano and sang, my dad

played the French horn, my cousins are all musical. I vividly remember the very first concert I attended at age 4 at my elementary school in Chicago, the school’s violin ensemble’s fall concert. I joined the group the next year at age 5. My teacher, Laurel Goren, was also a yoga instructor and she incorporated yoga techniques into her violin teaching. I learned the importance of breathing and posture and how the body is interconnected with the instrument. I was also taught meditation techniques. I started piano at age six. I then went on to study with renowned violin professor Mark Zinger of Northwestern University and classical guitar with Norm Ruiz of the Old Town School of Folk Music. As an adult, I studied at the New Music School of Chicago for five years under Sam Sharp. Upon my arrival in Milwaukee, I studied with violinist Jerome Franke of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and currently study cello with Thea Vorass in Wauwatosa.

Growing up in a Filipino family, I was surrounded by relatives in the medical field, primarily nurses and pharmacists. In the pre-colonial Philippines, healers were revered among the tribes, second in prestige to the chiefs. Many of our native healing practices survived the Spanish colonization and people from around the world travel to our islands to experience some sort of indigenous healing. My maternal “Lolo” (grandfather) was a very powerful psychic who had the ability to heal people. It’s common belief that these abilities are passed down through the generations and probably no accident that my grandfather named my mom Remedios, which means cures or remedies in Spanish. I’m actively learning more about our native healing modalities and incorporate some of them into my practice.

My unique approach to sound therapy combines a mix of Asian instruments such as

Tibetan singing bowls, tingshas and gongs along with western instruments such as crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, classical string instruments and, of course, the monochord. I hand crafted my own drum under the guidance of Native American healing practitioner Kristina Nez Begay. Drawing upon my lineage of shamanic healers and musicians, my training in traditional Filipino healing arts, my sound therapy training and classical music background, I will craft a unique and impactful sound healing session personally tailored for your specific needs. Whether a one on one session or a group sound bath, my intention is that you’ll walk away feeling more relaxed and at peace.

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